Monday, 28 October 2013

WITH IT Gig this Saturday featuring The Holiday Crowd

This month's WITH IT brings special guests The Holiday Crowd.
They will perform live and then spin some records!

WITH IT Gig Poster

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Friday, 25 October 2013

CIUT Membership Fundraising Drive

Donate & support community radio... one of the last remaining radio stations that are the voice of the people in the city of Toronto! I (DJ nico) host a weekly radio show called Vinyl from the Crypt, a show dedicated to playing records from the 10,000+ vinyl library called "The Crypt". The records have been collected over the years starting from the 1950s at the University of Toronto. Listeners donate twice a year, with a $75 donation, listeners have the opportunity to host their own two hours of music. You never know what you will hear over those two hours, Saturdays 6-8pm EST. 

Listen to podcasts of the previous week's show here.

Sophie Cossette | Cartoonist & Author

I want to introduce you to the witty, raunchy world of Sophie Cossette - Cartoonist.

She has recently published a wild cartoon satire called Sinemania! A Satirical Expose of the Most Outlandish Movie Directors: Welles, Hitchcock, Tarantino, and More! about the warped world of film directors, published by ECW Press.

Keep up with Sophie by following her blog here! She is currently offering Caricature services for a nominal fee of $50.